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Post by Ken Gillett » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:34 am

Cadintosh sometimes uses incorrect terms. One that initially confused me and I still sometimes have to think twice is use of the term ‘window’. We all know what a window is in a GUI. A self contained moveable area, with one of more attributes, like a title bar etc. But…

Cadintosh uses this term to mean a selected area on screen (in a real window) and this is incorrect. When dragging an area on screen, usually creating a dotted line to show the boundaries being dragged, that is more correctly known as a ‘marquee’. Indeed, such selection tools have sometimes been called a ‘Marquee tool’.

The term ‘marquee’ dates back the earliest GUIs, along with ‘Window’, ‘Icon’, ‘Menu’, ‘Mouse’ etc. These are standard terms, but should be used correctly. Thorsten, could I ask that you change the use of the word ‘window’ to ‘marquee’ where appropriate, i.e. it refers to dragging a selection area on screen?

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