Group Discount on the HR Course?

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Group Discount on the HR Course?

Unread post by BaronHeiden » Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:48 am

I am writing as the representative of a group of natural and gifted artists who are interested in becoming students in the hrcourse.

Let me give you a little info about our group. We comprise of a catholic herbalist, a spiritual conjurer, a pagan/germanic tasseographer, a bardic druid, and a demonologist. Each having distinct and natural gifts that we have been exploring together as a group. We recently lost a member you may be familiar with, she relocated due to economic reasons, and is the person who suggested we contact you, sister Sarah Howell. She did the rootwork for our group, but we feel we need your guidance to further our personal growth not just for ourselves but for the community we already serve. We meet bi-monthly at Truely Unique, a spiritual\metaphysical herbal shop in Wilson, N.C., and have been for several years. We are a serious group that have proven results.

We have already read and agreed to the terms of enrollment but a question has arisen that Cat can answer.

I fully understand this all requires her accepting each of us in a personal one to one basis but our question comes as a result of the current economic situation.

In the payments section you give discounted rates for a second book\course mailed to the same address if couples were to join.

Our question is what kind of discount would you be willing to charge if all of us were accepted and could do your hrcourse in our study group?

Thank you in advance for your consideration and help you may provide.

David Cappel ( Baron Heiden ) group scribe and divinator.

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Re: Group Discount on the HR Course?

Unread post by catherineyronwode » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:40 am

Hello, David --

First, you are located in Wilson, N.C., which is definitely in the South, but you say your group comprises "a catholic herbalist, a spiritual conjurer, a pagan/germanic tasseographer, a bardic druid, and a demonologist." None of these have any connection to African American folk magic, or to the African American community, so i would really wonder what (and why) you wish to learn from me. I don't quite see how this course will guide a demonologist, a druid, and a pagan/germanic tasseographer into being of service to the African American community.

I figure i do know your friend Sarah Howell, but there is no one by that name in my database. Did she once go by the name Sarah Warren? If so, she is Student 1564, who graduated in 2010 and lived in Walstonburg, NC. I also have a student in Wilson, N.C. who graduated -- James A. McCormick, who took the course in 2005, and graduated in 2006 as student #566. Do you perhaps know him?

Anyway, about the spousal or parent-child discount -- it is just that, a spousal or parent-child discount.
catherine yronwode

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Re: Group Discount on the HR Course?

Unread post by BaronHeiden » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:30 am

Thank you for your quick response Miss Cat. I understand about the discount and we are saving to take your courses. We have a lot of request from the African american community for assistance and we would like to help them. After many consultations people will ask for assistance on specific things to do. Like i said Sarah ( and yes, she was Warren, and soon will be again) used to be our root worker so we would set up appointments for her to continue the consult. But alas,even though she is still a friend and close to our group, she is hours away and cant meet with them. As you know many people will only tell of a problem in confidence. They want to meet face to face because many already know by tradition what their intentions might have them do, and we really want to help them.
We have a lot of potential to better heal and assist our community. We don't see people as African americans or any ethnicity, we do see people that come to us, sometimes in crisis, sometimes in need and desire, that want to be guided in the right direction with results.
Our druid is a wonderful gatherer, when we need items like oak bark,pine needles, potash(he creates). The demonologist is versed in religion, everyone knows that to believe in devils, means you believe in saints as well, so blessings are his business. Our herbalist is also the owner of Truely Unique ( the shop we study and practice our arts). As for me, I get the most request as divinator, because i get so many request of what to do after i have read for someone and my answers are limited. As a spiritual councellor this is frustrating, i would be able to empower people in changing/ avoiding/ or helping the outcomes they desire.
Before I conclude, I would like to ask one important question. What would I need to do for you to consider teaching us?
Thank you again for your assistance in our endeavours. Blessings.

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